My Allergic Reaction and why some celebs would kill for it
My Allergic Reaction and Hollywood´s Obsession 6

Wait, STOP!!! There is no need to adjust your computer screens. That´s my actual face, well that´s how I woke up yesterday morning. If you are new to the blog, kindly go to the Lookbook section on the right side, so you can get a general image of my… real face. In any case, after having an allergic reaction the day before that were just tiny bumps that itched terribly, I took meds and I woke up with the outcome of what the opposite of healed should be. So this is me, freaking out because my face, I can´t feel my face, and when I see it, I expect to be shocking, but the first look, is brutally frightening. Really it is, forget the bumps, the itching, the sneezing and coughing, this look is not pretty!!!

But, is it really not pretty? Well my eyes look like I belong to another race, but that makes me exotic I think (I can work with that). The majority of swelling though is forcefully directed at my lips. And like any sane person I know (as if fashion bloggers) I decide that it is the perfect op for a photo op. People spend money to test out software images that dramatically change up their looks, then even more money to have collagen pumped in their pouts, and I woke up like this. So unlike Lady Gaga, I wasn´t born this way, but when allergies give you super big pouty lips, crap a part from taking meds, ROCK it!!!

Now after publishing this, I am bound to get some blogger award for full disclosure or something, lol. So did I do a good job of freaking you guys out, as much as I did Jens when I came out of the bathroom wearing the brightest red lipstick I could find? Red really does put a spin on everything after all.

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  • Moh…Kenyan

    Amazingly sick and Allergic(damn lips are swollen n fully) Beautifully sick Lol…Lori

  • Stephanie Thelemaque

    You’re sick??? you look so gorgeous like that, i haven’t seen your “normal” pictures yet but wow!

  • Adebola Ibitoru Ogolo

    You are right,some celebs would kill for this look!

  • Iceta Merritt

    I should look this good being sick… you should try to keep the full lips

    • Lori Quast

      lol thanks !

  • Rochelle well…..

    If that’s what sick looks like…..I wanna be sick. Feel better

    • Lori Quast

      You do not want to wake up feeling your lips like that in your sleep and knowing that something is wrong without even seeing it. LOL

  • Excellent Swiss-Miss

    get well soon….oh p.s u make allergies look good lol wink

    • Lori Quast

      Thanks hon!

  • roch

    Wow…I feel bad for u but it really does look good

    • Lori Quast

      You are too sweet.

  • Samantha

    Poor thing.. But way to own it ;) Yep some folks would pay for that. And you don’t have the duck lips so all good :)

    • Lori Quast

      Thanks hon!!!

  • Kerri

    Hope you feel better darling. OUCH :(

    • Lori Quast

      Thanks, it´s sexy right,lol.

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