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I am not a flowery sweet woodstock (is that even how it´s spelt?) type of girl. It´s just not me, it never has been. Maybe it´s because I am allergic to most things that bloom under the sun. A flower in the hair won´t disguise red eyes. The problem with wearing this new trend of floral crowns is that you have to be committed to rocking it, which frankly, I am not. I mean it´s full on flower, full on (ok that was for emphasis), and not on but off the runway, in real life! At first I had difficulty in believing that this would be a bonafide normal girl weareable trend, I even put off covering this article for months…. waiting for it to become obsolete.

We have seen similar flower headbands on the DVF runway in the past, but the concept never fully took hold in the mainstream. It looks like this hair accessory trend might actually happen this time around. I think the ladies in the photos below look just as lovely with their face-framing flowers as any model, but it still seem so strange to me and I still think that I would appear too over the top, like some Island girl from paradise sort of thing in this trend. Hey doves, stereotypes are hard to break, lol.

Would you wear any of the flower crown available here on etsy like the ones featured?

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