Inspired Me, The Travel Edition: Luxembourg
Luxembourg pic actual feature

So as you know, I am currently off the grid, ok far from it, but you get what I mean. I am currently in one the loveliest cities in Europe for the weekend and I can´t wait to share the pics with you. I am there actually attending an event that takes place every two years. Well you would have probably seen some Instagram shots by now, but you won´t get the real deal until I am back in Germany. Well here are some pics from another travel adventure, but from the tiny and very beautiful country and city of Luxembourg.There will be a part 2 edition, I promise. Enjoy!!!

Think this sums up exactly what Luxembourg is all about, this is translated loosely as We want to stay exactly how we are, well in German. The writing though is probably in Luxembourgish, which seems like a mixture of the three languages most spoken there to me. Luxembourg is a trilingual country: German, French and Luxembourgish are official languages.

The Famous Notre Dame Cathedral by night, I felt like I was in a plot from David Brown I swear, it was kind of creepy.

Our hotel was really classy, but the food paled in comparison (just at the hotel, though).

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