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Blogger Steven Onoja, of Men´s Style Blog Ostentation and Style has a certain ostentatious flair about him. They are many male fashion bloggers out there, many of whom are usually so uniquely dressed that it doesn´t make much sense to feature them as a style guide. I am sorry if that sounded harsh, what I really meant to say was…….. Ok, that was clearly what I meant to say. I can appreciate a well dressed man, actually most women can. The cold fact is though, that is harder for men to not only express their personal style but also to shop for it as well, this was so apparent to me after going on a shopping spree with hubby three weeks ago. It is just harder for the hairier (lol) sex to find fly clothes, add not breaking the bank while doing so and it becomes complicated.

So I can really appreciate Steven´s Style, because if God ever gives me a son, I know it will take another level of creativity to dress him as dashingly (that word seems strange) as possible. Steven writes, “In truth, I’ve always admired charismatic men with, for lack of a better term, “charm”. Men who understand how to attract people and leave an impression. They carry a certain confidence or swagger in their presence that draws people, both women and men, to them.” And I couldn´t have said it better myself (really I couldn´t that´s why I quoted him).

This look can be worn from Spring to Summer and into early Fall. In a well fitted jacket one can always look sharp, and sharp is a nice look for men in particulair. This look also allows for a nice subtle contrast when paired with colored trousers (or jeans) as well for an evening occasion. Men on Seed of Style and the women who shop for them, check out even more of Steven´s Ostentatious style here.

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  • http://twitter.com/MsK_NY MsK_NY

    wow, these pics look great and love his outfit! Love the quote, too, regarding confidence and swagger – very true! Why can’t all men dress like this? ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/WHO_IS_CHAN CAPTAIN CHUNK


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