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Jamaica is one of the best places on earth, not exagerrating, it just is. But being paradise still doesn´t protect us from the crazy heat that we have in summer. Granted the temperatures there most times do not outrun that of a typical American or Krygzstan summer (I know you must be wondering how random it was for me to use that country, but I live in Europe, very few countries are foreign to me). Whether you are in paradise, or it´s neighbors to the north or across the pond, making makeup last all day especially in hot, muggy conditions is an art. A form that if you are good to me I will let you in on how it is done. And I am not a high maintenance type of girl (I never really ever get my nails done). Natural or va-va-voom, it doesn´t matter if all is ruined by the time you walk into the restaurant, club, mall, movies, cafe, bus, well you get where I am going with this.

Yes everyone tans

Unless you want your skin to become noticeably darker throughout the day, be sure to wear skincare products that contain SPF. This includes you women of color too!!! I shoot a lot in the sun for the blog, and because I have been so bad at using SPF, I am currently 4 shades of brown darker. And that is not healthy, compared to the simple bother of skin coloring, skin cancer is worse!

Don´t touch this (Hammer Time!!!)

I freak out, yes I freak out right in the photoshoot when Jens tries to adjust something that is misplaced or has gone wrong with my make-up or face. No, being diva aside, I freak because I know he wipes instead of blotts. Many people make the mistake of toning down shine with powder puff and face powder, which is actually more problematic. When you are hot and sweaty, not to mention shiny, don´t be tempted to add powder into the mix, not unless the chalky look is in. For starters, blot forehead, nose, upper chin and the area above the eyebrows with tissue or blotting papers to absorb oils without disturbing makeup.

Cool it down

I use to stick my head in the freezer before applying make-up when I was 17, because, yes it was that serious. My late-blooming tiny self was on to something though. Because it is virtually impossible to apply perfect makeup as soon as you jump out of the shower. The only thing that comes out of this is your skin absorbing it quickly and then you get zits in return. This definately a reason why I hate rushing at all. Post-shower, allow yourself 15 minutes to let your body cool down before applying makeup.

I can´t breathe!!!

Greasy makeup like heavy, creamy foundation doesn’t last well in hot conditions. It’s going to melt and slip on your face. Save heavy foundations for the winter and look for oil-free or sheer products that don’t weigh down skin. I actually barely wear make up in Winter, my skin just need some virgin Olive and Coconut oil.

Point of Interest

A very lazy but go to method for me when I am too busy for the dazzle look, is to rock the hell out of my eyes. Define your eyes with lashes that are bold and look fresh, no one will notice the sweat…. Well that´s the plan at least.

Can I get some ice for that?

My lip gloss melted on our way to Belgium two weeks ago, it was 32 Grad outside, but inside felt like 40. Even good products melt when exposured to heat, stick them in the fridge or place them in an insulated lunch box that has been chilled in the fridge overnight.

Quick Retouch

During lunch if your eyeshadow needs touching up, use your finger and rub the makeup caught in the crease of your lid to re-blend.

In closing, thanks for reading, hope my post helped a bit with you finished look, please remember to heart and fb LIKE us while you are here. All these looks were taken on Instagram, follow Seed of Style there, just click that camera to the side.

xx Lori Q

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