Rings that don´t fit, just great!
Rings that don´t fit2

Give the middle of your finger (no, you read wrong, I did not say I am giving you the middle finger!), some love with this adorable studded midi ring. As if it wasn´t bad enough for me to find rings to fit my dwarfed fingers (as I like to call them), I have recently stumbled upon a certain trend which will either make or break…. my fingers. I always had and will always have a problem finding rings to fit my tiny fingers, and I have been told (more like accussed) by several person´s that I have (and this is exactly what they call it) baby fingers.

But ill positioned rings are actually trending and they make plenty of sense, plenty. It is one of those design accessories, that I really should have designed myself. This is perfect for me, now, I can actually wear actually baby rings and place it to the point on my finger that it no longer fits.The simple design makes it easy to pair with other rings and jewelry, but it is also perfectly capable of looking fabulous on its own. Rock them, well on a part of your finger here.

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