Cavalli and his Prints 2.0
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Truth be told, I always valued the contribution made by Roberto Cavalli in the world of fashion but….. I never quite thought of his creations as my style. The collections always seemed to have just a little too much shine, sheen, shimmer, like 5% more glam than I required in a look. However I was pleasntly suprised to view the Fall Winter Collection 2013, among my favorites were the Printed Patterns. Not loud garish prints mind you, but geometric prints mixed with the iconic animal pattern. Chic, breezy, flowy not jungle fever sleazy. My husband Jens hates all tiger prints, I am even looked on in disdain for wearing a very expensive albeit loud animal printed belt that I own. Maybe this time around after viewing the 2.0 version of prints, I will be able to swing his vote in a fashionable way. What´s your postion on prints?

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  • Marcia Reynolds

    I like the first 2 and last 2 dresses. Love animal prints as long as they’re not too loud or busy

    • Lori Quast

      Those were my favorite as well, the key when wearing animal prints is to go pretty much bare on accessories, make-up and a very simple hairstyle.

  • Jens Quast

    very nice!

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