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Anna Dello Russo´s take on Trends
September 23, 2012
anna style

For those of you who often visit the SEED OF STYLE facebook page you will see that Anna Dello Russo is almost a fixture there. Her fashion choices are often a heated debate on the page. But she has permanently silenced my doubts about her peculiar outfits in a recent statement, “The Trend is to be cool, more than fashionable”. And that, my lovelies, makes complete sense. Enjoy your Sunday dolls, and dress cool tomorrow. XoXo

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A big HEART you
August 29, 2012

Editor´s Shout Out.
Hello wonderful persons currently reading my blog. I really appreciate you coming here daily, because I love you and without your support I would literally just be talking to myself. And I think, we all know that it isn´t considered very healthy, so you are saving me from a life of insanity (well you are trying to at least). The blog isn´t even three months old yet, but we have reached over 500 LIKES already on FB, I know that some of you are following Seed of Style on Twitter and Instagram, too. I love what I am doing and I love reading your comments, please don´t stop, keep them coming! If you have any suggestions or if you want to be featured, just send me an email here
Lori Q

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And now, a message from our Sponsor
August 11, 2012
me blogging

This is me typing from a different location typing up an article for the blog, some gardener messed with some connection and killed the internet for the day. But I am so commtitted to getting you that fashion scoop, I am forced to blog from an undisclosed location. Hope you dolls are visiting the blog weekly and please show me some love while you are here please. Just click the grey button, it turns red after, I promise.
Also for those of you who haven´t liked my FB page as yet, please like Seed of Style there and share the articles with your friends.
And lastly thank you so much for your incredible support so far, I couldn´t do it without you. God Bless you, you and you!!!
xX Lori Q

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