Timing is everything!
versace 97 collection feature

There are a lot of looks that seem over the top and that never make it from off the runway. Some because they aren´t frankly wearable and others because the timing isn´t right. Yes, timing, in fashion, timing is pretty much 50% of the success of a trend and another 40% is luck. Please do not go up in arms about me blaspheming, the remaining 10% still goes to talent. But the truth of the matter is, that they are many many gifted designers whose clothes or accessories will never get further than a trade show. So why do some designers get lucky?

I have made some horrible clothing choices in the past, hey haven´t we all? And most of them were during my teen and pre teen days (my parents were very liberal and allowed me to wear most of my horrific choices). I still do have a few slip ups occaisionally but now it´s more of a matter of (as the germans say) geschmack. One incident for example was what I wore to my 11th grade school (fair) bazaar, sure it looked like something that you would see on the runway, but it was too stylish for the late 90´s. It was an epic fail and I looked stupid in it! And no, forget about asking me for pictures, thank God cell phones did not exist when I was 15.

A decade later, I have seen models for Versace in particular ROCK the somewhat identical look, so why did I look so bloody stupid in it over a decade ago?

Well for starters, I weighed a pathetic 80lbs or so, I was the poster child for late blooming and, well, though I was confident (relatively speaking), I was not spunky, yes spunky enough to pull that look off. So now, would I be able to bring off some of the more ….. creative looks on the runway or red carpet, I do have more spunk now (well I pretend to). Fashion is ripe and nobody is thinking in the box anymore, maybe it is my time to shine….. or maybe this post was a much ado about nothing and I was just plain overdressed for my school´s bazaar fair 15 years ago. Well, knowing me……

Versace 1997 Collection, last one Gianni did before he was murdered.

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